Our People

Our breadth and depth of knowledge is unrivaled in the industry. All of our professionals are client oriented and provide a high level of service.


John Olof Solberg

Managing Director | CEO

John is Managing Director and board member of CBRE AS. In addition to developing the Norwegian business together with the EMEA management team, John is involved in strategic and operational advice to domestic and multinational CBRE clients. Prior to joining CBRE (Summer 2010), John was working as Consultant for several major participants in the Norwegian real estate market, combined with development of a Norwegian design brand and retail chain as Managing Director at Lacrosse Holding AS.

Until year-end 2007, John was a Partner within Norwegian law firm; Schjødt DA with a primary focus in the commercial and financial real estate markets. John provided legal and strategic advice to leading market participants (listed and non-listed) on numerous domestic and international real estate transactions. These included major real estate transactions and development projects, and also single asset and portfolio transactions across the Nordics and Germany. Further, John was a lead provider in the marked on advice upon structuring of real estate funds and investment vehicles.

Phone: +47 99 04 11 88 | E-mail: john.solberg@cbre.com

Einar Schiefloe

Executive Director | Vice MD

Einar has over ten years’ experience from senior management positions from various industries, including power industry, shipping/maritime industry and real estate industry. He is elected chairman in one of Norway’s largest power producers.

Einar completed his education at the University of Oslo (master’s degree), with further studies at INSEAD. He has vast local and global experience, ranging from management consultancy in Ernst and Young to top management positions in various corporations and the investment banking industry.

Einar has broad experience in strategy development and implementation from small and medium to large corporations.

Einar joined CBRE in February 2013.

Phone: +47 90 03 72 95 | E-mail: einar.schiefloe@cbre.com

Christer Farstad

Chief Operating Officer | COO

Christer is Executive Director and head of Global Corporate Services in CBRE’s Norwegian business. Prior to joining CBRE in 2013, Christer was Senior Vice President with Coor Service Management, a leading Nordic facility management company. 

Christer is an experienced executive with a 20 years track record in business development and strategic and operational consulting for large, international companies. He has held management positions in several leading companies including DNV, Capgemini, Leif Hoegh & Co. and has broad strategic and operational experience from facility management, telecom, shipping and oil & gas. He has also spent more than six years working in Asia. 

Christer holds an MSc in international Business from UMIST and a BSc in Management Science from Warwick Business School.

Phone: +47 97 72 32 37 | E-mail: christer.farstad@cbre.com


Advisory & Transaction Services | Occupier

Jon Tufte-Johnsen

Senior Director | A & T Services | Occupier

Jon Tufte-Johnsen is working for Global Workplace Solutions, and his main responsibility is the company's international customer relations. Jon has broad experience of the property sector and was a founder of the commercial broker firm Real Consult AS (DTZ), of which he was general manager until 1997. He joined the company in 2003 and has extensive experience as a consultant for the company's key international clients and major Norwegian clients.

Phone: +47 92 02 99 29 | E-mail: jon.tufte-johnsen@cbre.com

Eirik Yttervik

Senior Director | A & T Services | Occupier

Eirik Yttervik has over 7 years experiende as avisor and broker for tenants from DTZ Realkapital, where he was also one of the partners. He has conducted several relocation/renegotiation processes for private and public users all over Norway. The project has primarily been for officeusers, but he has also conducted project for tenants with complex special needs.

Eirik has, from earlier posistions, also experience and expertise in operational and strategic management from variouos roles in the pharmaceutical industry, where he has had posistions as CFO in Aventis Pharma and as Director for a divison of Norsk Medisindepot.

Eirik holds a Master of Business and Economics from BI Norwegian Business School. Eirik started in CBRE in January 2015.

Phone: +47 91 10 24 72| E-mail: eirik.yttervik@cbre.com

Siri Helene Taugbøl.jpg

Siri Helene Taugbøl

Senior Advisor | A & T Services | Occupier

Siri Helene Taugbøl has worked with financing of some of Norway’s largest real estate companies, real estate transactions on behalf of Nordea Markets and as an advisor on interest rate derivatives for Nordeas real estate clients.  She studied Siviløkonom Degree Course at Norwegian School of Economics with specialisation in finance. Furthermore she has completed CEFA (Certified European Financial Analyst), Advanced Programme in Corporate Finance and holds an MBA in Finance from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). She returned from four years in Shanghai to work for CBRE from October 2016.

Phone: +47 41 45 97 01| E-mail: sirihelene.taugbol@cbre.com

Erik Myklebust

Senior Director | Hotels | A & T Services | Occupier

Erik Myklebust holds a BSc in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia USA. He has experience from project management and facilities management within the telecoms sector in the USA, and later worked on cross-border M&A transactions as a part of Enskilda Securities’ team in London.

Prior to joining CBRE Erik was a founding partner of Hotelia, a Norwegian consulting firm specialising in the Hotel sector. Erik has almost 15 years’ experience working in the hotel sector, as an independent consultant and earlier as a principal covering all aspects of operations, financing and transactions as well as development.

Phone: +47 99 57 52 75 | E-mail: erik.myklebust@cbre.com

Simon Killi

Senior Director | A & T Services | Occupier

Simon Killi enjoys 25 years of experience from positions in finance/administration, M&A advisory and business development in companies like Gresvig, Booz Allen Hamilton, Saga Corporate Finance, Coor Service Management and ISS Facility Services. His has in-depth knowledge of analysis, negotiations and transactions, and during his ten years in facility management he has acquired broad insight to deployment and provisions of property related services to large companies. Simon holds an MSc Business Administration from BI Norwegian Business School, and he joined CBRE in August 2015.

Phone: +47 97 65 39 00 | E-mail: simon.killi@cbre.com

Marius Rooth

Director | A & T Services | Occupier

Marius Oddvar Rooth has broad experience from project management, facility management, marketing, logistics and construction.
Prior to joining CBRE, he was working as a management consultant for several years. He has been in real estate operation, development and facility management matters and has been leading large relocation projects.
Marius has several years of experience from sports organizations in Norway and has international experience from collaboration with other national entities. Ha was vice-president from 1999 – 2001, and president in the Norwegian Athletics federation from 2001 – 2003.
Marius has international project management and management experience, with operations in Singapore, Venezuela, Norway, India and Vietnam.
Marius holds an Bachelor from BI Norwegian Business School with Project management specialization and has additional management programs in Management and Marketing.

Phone: +47 90 55 55 50 | E-mail: marius.rooth@cbre.com

Aina Hallin

Senior Director | A & T Services | Occupier

Aina has broad experience from the Norwegian finance market. She joined CBRE Norway from Storebrand where she has spent the last 14 years in the Corporate Banking Division working with real estate clients and as Head of Analysis.
She has in-depth knowledge of the credit market from large real estate projects of office, retail, logistic and residential. Together with experience of portfolio structure, risk- and credit rating, valuation, agreements, negotiations and transactions. She also has several years of board experience for distressed property.
Aina holds an E-MBA Master in Management Control from the Norwegian School of Management, and Bachelor of Science from BI Norwegian Business School. Aina started in CBRE in March 2016.

Phone: +47 92 45 55 69 | E-mail: aina.hallin@cbre.com

Lise Dybwad.jpg

Lise Klevan Dybwad

Senior Director | A & T Services | Occupier

Lise is responsible for Workplace Strategy in CBRE Norway. She has a long experience from management consultancy and from various management positions in Norway and internationally. In her role as consultant she focused mainly on strategy, improvement and change processes. Amongst her various manager positions she has held the responsibility for Operations Development in the largest Facility Management supplier in the Nordics, and for the past 5 years she has been the global head of Facility Management in a large Norwegian oil and gas company.

Lise holds a Bachelor in Engineering from UK and a Master in International Business from France. She started in CBRE in November 2017.

Phone: +47 93 25 85 18 | E-mail: lise.dybwad@cbre.co

C FotografHildeBrevig Febr2017 16 kopi black&white.jpg

Thomas Thorkildsen

Director | A & T Services | Occupier

Thomas has long experience with project management with over 13 years in the building industry before joining CBRE.
As Vice MD and project manager Thomas has gained wide professional competence, with the technical professions as speciality.
He has represented both private and public companies in both small and large complex projects.
He`s gained strong experience especially within advisory, negotiation, requirement specification as well as successful project management.

Phone: +47 92 02 21 22 | E-mail: thomas.thorkildsen@cbre.com

Anne Østerman

Senior Advisor | Portfolio Management | A & T Services | Occupier

Anne Østerman holds a master’s degree in real estate development from Norwegian university of life sciences and a bachelor’s degree in real estate management from Norwegian business school BI. Anne started working in CBRE in January 2011. Her experience includes a compilation of real estate marketing and project management. Since January 2014 Anne has worked with Portfolio Management on a large international client.

Phone: +47 92 60 94 49 | E-mail: anne.oesterman@cbre.com

Kevin Wiget

Senior Advisor | Portfolio Mangement | A & T Services | Occupier

Kevin has many years’ experience in Corporate Services providing strategic commercial real estate advice to investors, landlords and large international organisations in both Norwegian and UK markets. Kevin specializes in portfolio management and tenant advisory carrying out complex transactions on behalf of clients with a focus on cost and efficiency savings, project management and process optimisation.

Kevin has an RICS accreditedBSc in Estate Management from the university of Reading and joined CBRE in August 2013.

Phone: +47 99 30 24 23 | E-mail: kevin.wiget@cbre.com

Amund Kirkeslett Andersson

Senior Advisor | A & T Services | Occupier

Amund started at CBRE in March 2016 and works primarily with consulting and analysis. Earlier in his career, Amund has worked in Audit & Advisory at Deloitte (2014-2016) with small and big cap companies within Telecom, retail, finance & real estate. The autumn of 2013, he was an intern at Telenor Norge AS’s financial department.

Amund is educated at BI Norwegian Business School in Nydalen. He has a bachelor degree in business administration with specialization in financial management and investment analysis. His Master of Science degree is within business, with a major in financial economics.

Phone: +47 47 03 61 10 | E-mail: amund.andersson@cbre.com

Marte Nygaard

Advisor | A & T Services | Occupier

Marte Nygaard holds a Master of Science in Business (Siviløkonom), majoring in finance (corporate finance) from BI Norwegian Business School. She completed parts of her education at Universität Mannheim in Germany. Prior to joining CBRE in February 2016, Marte worked as an Associate Consultant at Sigma ITM Norway AS, contracted out to Norwegian Property ASA. During her studies, she gained experience in analysis and commercial real estate through part-time work at Union Gruppen AS and Sigma ITM Norway AS.

Phone: +47 93 09 16 17 | E-mail: marte.nygaard@cbre.com

Fanny Harg

Advisor | A & T Services | Occupier

Fanny Harg joined CBRE in February 2017 as an Advisor in the A&T – Occupier team. Fanny holds an MSc in Sociology from University of Oslo. Next to master studies, she completed 1.year of law. She has also been an exchange student at the University of California, Berkeley. 
Before Fanny started in CBRE she worked as a part-time employee in Beringer Finance AS (Former Fondsfinans AS). 

Phone: +47 48 05 08 77 | E-post: fanny.harg@cbre.com

C Petter Salveson sv II.jpg

Petter Salveson

Advisor | A & T Services | Occupier

Petter Salveson joined CBRE in December 2016 as an Advisor in the A&T – Occupier team. Petter holds a Masters degree in real estate development from the Norwegian university of life sciences and a bachelor’s degree in real estate management from Norwegian business school BI. Prior to joining the company, Petter held a position in Fredensborg Norge AS.

Phone: +47 99 40 44 78 | E-mail: petter.salveson@cbre.com

Jakob Jahren Holter

Advisor | A & T Services | Investor Leasing

Jakob joined CBRE in April 2017 and works as an advisor at investor leasing. He has previously worked as an insurance broker in Pareto where he focused on the property sector, in addition to this he developed commercial rental bonds. Prior to this, he worked as an analyst for CNA Insurance in Copenhagen, responsible for business development in Norway. Jakob holds a Master's Degree in International Business Management from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, whereof he spent one year at Universitè Paris Dauphine in Paris as part of an exchange program. 

Phone: +47 99 40 44 78 | E-mail: jakobjahren.Holter@cbre.com

Kathrine Nyhus_III.jpg

Kathrine Nyhus

Director | A & T Services | Landlord

Kathrine Nyhus has more than 16 years’ experience in property development including roles in several of the most prominent development projects in the Oslo region. Kathrine has her master’s degree in architecture and urbanism from the Architecture and Design School of Oslo. She has a wide range of experience both from the investor side (Oslo S utvikling, Sektor Gruppen, HAV Eiendom) as well as running her own consultation business. Kathrine vision is driven by the belief that cities must be smarter and as such we have to create purposeful buildings for the future. We have to make better investments, ones that cultivate the latent potential of urbanity, and lay the foundations for technology as an integral part of a buildings framework. Kathrine has worked across the entire spectrum of development, from business strategy and concept development to the innermost circle of the political process. Kathrine joined CBRE in 2017.

Phone: +47 90 82 80 11| E-mail: kathrine.nyhus@cbre.com

Tonje Susanne Grøstad

Director  | A & T Services | Occupier

Tonje Susanne Grøstad is part of the Workplace Strategy team in CBRE Norway. Since 2011 she has worked as a workplace developer and interior designer for Telenor globally and the ¬¬public sector in Norway. The projects gave her considerable experience through in-depth studies, analyzes, development, dimensioning, design and implementation of various workplace concepts for nearly 20,000 employees. User-centered design, focusing on flexibility, technology and solutions that users appreciate, stand high in the course. Tonje has a 4-year bachelor degree in Fine Art, Interior Architecture and Design from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. She started in CBRE April 2018.

Phone: +47 97 04 76 89| E-mail:  tonje.susanne.grostad@cbre.com

Martine Kroge

Interior designer  | A & T Services | Occupier

Martine is CBRE Oslo’s in-house designer. She has experience working as a designer in the corporate market in Washington, D.C. where she worked for a national top 100 architecture firm.  Martine has worked on projects of all sizes, and in all phases of the design and construction process. In addition, Martine has a passion for furniture selection and planning. Martine completed her education in Washington, D.C. graduating with honors, and the University of Oslo. She started working at CBRE in March 2018. 

Phone: +47 94 98 19 95| E-mail: martine.kroge@cbre.com

C FotografHildeBrevig Febr2017 19 kopier black&white (1) - Copy.jpg

Building Consultancy | Projects

Bård Bakkejord

Executive Director | Head of Building Consultancy     

Bård Bakkejord has over 30 years experience in project development as a consulting engineer, contractor and builder. Bård was the general manager of the interdisciplinary architectural and engineering company PABAS for 9 years. He participated in the startup of NCC in Norway. Bård has experience in management of large organisations through his role as project director in Norway's largest technical construction company Caverion. He has extensive experience in construction as project owner and project manager for major developments, from the investigation, planning and engineering stage, through to construction and commissioning. Within this experience from analyzes of user needs and strategic planning. Former clients include the Armed Forces, Avantor, Entra, Mustad Eiendom, Oslo Municipality and various state agencies and departments. Bård has experience with foreign assignments in Portugal, Spain, Greece and Iceland.
Bård is a graduate engineer from NTNU. He holds further education with MSc studies at the University of Minnesota and Dr Ing. studies at NTNU. Bård has been a board member of the RIF Engineers Advisory institute for four years. Today he sits on the board of several Norwegian real estate companies.

Phone: +47 95 11 12 00 | E-mail: bard.bakkejord@cbre.com


Sales | Business Development

Toivo Møller-Pettersen

Executive Director | Head of Sales & Business Development                  

Toivo has more than twenty years of CEO experience from companies with strong digital strategies and market environments - within Ecommerce, media, IT and PR / analysis. Among other things, twelve years as head of the Clear Channel (NYSE), both in Oslo, Tokyo and back in Oslo. He has also been running Imedia (Schibsted, Telenor and Kinnevik), the IT company Crayon Norway, and established the e-commerce company Icefresh in Shanghai for Norwegian investors. He has previous management experience from advertising agency, hotel, newspaper and bank.

Toivo has for a long time had overall responsibility for the company's strategy, management and operations and has repeatedly made major "turnaround operations". He has also been a board member for around 50 boards in Norway, the EU, Japan and China. Toivo holds both a bachelor and a master's degree from BI.

Toivo joined the company 1 May 2017.

Phone: +47 98 86 11 11 | E-mail: toivo.moeller-pettersen@cbre.com

C Piotr Kolacz sv II.jpg

Piotr Kolacz

Analyst |Sales & Business Development

Piotr Kolacz joined CBRE in April 2017 and focuses on business development. He has experience from both the shipping industry and finance. Piotr has previously worked as a shipbroker in Clarksons Platou where he focused on newbuildings and LNG-projects. Prior to this he worked in the tanker departments of both Bergen Tanker Brokers and RS Platou. He has previously worked as a consultant during an M&A process and has experience with valuation and investment analysis. During his studies he worked with sales and research in Norne Securities. He holds a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)

Phone: +47 47 08 51 08 | E-mail: piotr.kolacz@cbre.com

Øyvind Engen - SvartHvit.jpg

Øyvind Engen

Senior Advisor |Sales & Business Development

Øyvind Engen started in CBRE in August 2017 and works with sales & marketing.
He has 20 years of experience from telecom, media and IT industry.
Øyvind has worked as Project Manager and Key Account Manager for Global Knowledge, Crayon, Telenor and Clear Channel.
Engen also has board leader experience from 5 companies.

Phone: +47 90 05 19 67 | E-mail: oyvind.engen@cbre.com


Advisory & Transaction Services | Investor Leasing

Christian Høgebøl

Senior Director | Agency

Christian has gained extensive experience after 20 in the Norwegian property market, 15 of which are from the commercial real estate market. Prior to joining CBRE in January 2014, he worked with transactions in DTZ Capital Markets. He has also worked with real estate syndication at Nordea Markets and agency/leasing at DTZ and EiendomsConsult. At CBRE he is part of the management team and manager of the Agency department. Christian graduated from BI Norwegian Business School, with specialization in real estate agency, he is authorized by the Norwegian Securities Dealers Association, and has a Diploma in Business Administration from the London School of Foreign Trade.

Phone: +47 90 77 52 77 | E-mail: christian.høgebøl@cbre.com

Pål Magnus Nygaard_SHII.jpg

Pål Magnus Nygård

Senior Advisor | Agency

Pål Magnus Nygård has 12 years experience as an advisor within finance and commercial real estate. Before he started working for CBRE, he worked for 5 years as a senior commercial real estate advisor in Realist Næringsmegling. During this time his main focus was leasing, both existing properties and development projects, within the office and logistics segment. He has also been advisor and facilitator for several transactions and worked with tenant advisory for numerous major Norwegian companies within the private and public sector. 
Before he started working with commercial real estate, Pål worked for 7 years as an advisor within finance, where he amongst other things worked with transactions of larger shareholder stakes in Norwegian banks. Pål has his education from BI Norwegian Business School and Pacific Lutheran UIniversity WA, USA. He started working for CBRE in January 2018.

Phone: +47 40 21 09 00 | E-mail: paal.nygaard@cbre.com

Erik Sørsdahl_SH.jpg

Erik Sørsdahl

Advisor | Agency

Erik has a master degree in Real Estate Development from New York University, specializing in real estate finance. He has previously taken a bachelor degree in Real Estate from BI Business School and has also worked as a Real estate agent in both Krogsveen and Privatmegleren. Erik started working in CBRE December 2017

Phone: +47 48 40 88 85 | E-mail: erik.sorsdahl@cbre.com

Capital Markets

Lars Bruflat sv.jpg

Lars Bruflat

Senior Director | Capital Markets

Lars has 18 years of international business experience from various project-/ technology and management consulting roles. He came to CBRE in Oslo from the Capital Markets team at Cushman & Wakefield in Oslo. He has previously worked for Verizon Business solutions,  Atkins Global and Skanska.
Lars holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from California Lutheran University, CM program at Harvard University FAS, and has completed the APM (Advanced Project Management) program at Stanford University. 

Lars assists developers-/ investors and principals in complex transaction and portfolio management structures. He is a certified project-/portfolio manager from Stanford University. 

Phone: +47 46 92 40 30 | E-mail: lars.bruflat@cbre.com

Christian Hansson - hvit bakgrunn.jpg

Christian Hansson
Senior Director | Capital Markes | Quality Assurance Manager

Christian Hansson has a Bachelor in Real Estate.  He has been a Real Estate advisor since 1989 and has also been the manager and the owner of Næringseiendommer AS. He has been with the company since 2000. He works primarily with property sales and advisory.

Phone: +47 92 23 11 44 | E-mail: christian.hansson@cbre.com



Andreas Wang

Senior Advisor | Capital Markets

Andreas has experience in structuring real estate development funds in Eastern Europe for Norwegian investors. His real estate experience includes investment analysis, market research and transaction advice. Furthermore, he has retail property occupier experience in Dubai through his position as a financial analyst with the Sharaf Group.  He has also held the position of Lead financial controller of major subsea projects in the oil and gas industry on the Norwegian continental shelf. He holds a Bachelor degree in Business Finance from Heriot Watt University and an MSc degree in Finance from Skema.

Phone: +47 93 22 87 00 | E-mail: andreas.wang@cbre.com

Frikk Hoven

Senior Advisor| Capital Markets

Frikk joined CBRE in september 2014 and works primarily with valuation advisory and research. Prior to joining the company, Frikk held a trainee position in Næringsmegleren Sædberg & Hodne in Kristiansand. He also has work experience from venture capital, shipping and equity research. Frikk holds a master’s degree in Economics & Finance from Heriot-Watt University, together with specialisation in corporate finance at London School of Economics.

Mobil: +47 91 11 12 80 | E-post: frikk.hoven@cbre.com


Valuation and Advisory

Paul John Morice 

Senior Director | Valuation and Advisory

Paul joined CBRE in November 2010 after relocating to Oslo from Melbourne, Australia.  Paul is a qualified MRICS property valuer and also holds an Associate membership of the Australian Property Institute (AAPI) as a Certified Practising Valuer.  He has over 14 years’ experience in the real estate industry including valuation, specialist fields of tax minimisation and strategic valuation advice for a broad range of clients including major banks, institutions, developers and private investors. Paul currently heads the Advisory business in Norway for CBRE.  Paul represents Norway in the European cross border group for valuation assignments as well as servicing the Nordic platform, and also provides consulting on international investment for Norwegian based clients.

Since 2013 Morice also forms part of the senior management team for the CBRE Norway dealing with strategic business development across all business lines.

Phone: +47 92 24 29 38 | E-mail: paul.morice@cbre.com

Anders Lunder 

Senior Advisor | Valuation and Advisory

Anders is responsible for research and analysis at CBRE Norway. He was educated at Edinburgh University where he has a master's degree in business and finance. He also spent one year at Hong Kong University. Anders joined the company in 2012, after a period as a trainee and investment advisor at Optimum. Anders is responsible for research projects on the Norwegian market, he is also part of the Nordic and European cooperation in terms of market data and reporting. In addition to the general market reports, Anders is responsible for specific research projects for our clients. Anders is also involved in consulting and valuation projects.

Phone: +47 93 03 48 88 | E-mail: anders.lunder@cbre.com

Igor Petkovic

Senior Analyst | Valuation and Advisory

Igor holds an MSc Financial Analysis from Lancaster University Management School and an MSc International Business Administration from Cathólica Lisbon School of Business and Economics. Additionally he has completed a BSc Business Studies at Lancaster University specialising in Finance and Economics where he spent a year on exchange at HKUST in Hong Kong.

Igor is a CFA Level II Candidate and joined CBRE in April 2014. He is responsible for research tasks within the Norwegian Market.

Phone: +47 97 10 25 91 | E-mail: igor.petkovic@cbre.com

Einar Melberg.jpg

Einar Melberg

Senior Analyst | Valuation and Advisory

Einar started at CBRE in October 2017, and is part of the Valuation and Advisory team. Before this, he worked as a financial journalist for several years at the leading Norwegian business daily Dagens Næringsliv, and financial newswire TDN Finans, where he covered both the economy and several important Norwegian industries. Einar has also worked as an analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in London on the FX and Rates desks. He has a BSc (Hons) in Finance & Economics from Lancaster University in the UK.

Phone: +47 94 14 14 84 | E-mail: einar.melberg@cbre.com

Christoffer Mork 1.jpg

Christoffer Mork Lunde

Analyst | Valuation and Advisory

Christoffer joined CBRE in November 2017 after completed studies and works in the Valuation and Advisory team. Christoffer holds a MSc Real Estate from Cass Business School in London. The Master's thesis was written in collaboration with among others CBRE and analysed the impact of international investors on the commercial property market in the Oslo CBD. Christoffer also holds a bachelor's degree in Business Management from Durham University.

Phone: +47 95 22 71 25 | E-mail: christoffer.morklunde@cbre.com


Asset Services

Glenn Haglund - SvartHvit.jpg

Glenn Haglund

Executive Director | Head of Asset Services

Glenn has long experience from banking and finance. He has a senior management experience from both domestic and international business. Over the past 20 years, Glenn has been leading business areas at both SEB, DnB and Swedbank. Glenn has been a strategic adviser in asset management for both Institutional Clients and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals/ Family Offices. He has good experience in financing commercial real estate and has been advisors in various transactions. Glenn has good experience with establishing various fund structures with insight into regulatory issues. He is a customer oriented leader with strong focus on both strategies an operations within the business operations.
Glenn has strong experience with digital strategies an technological development.
He is Authorized Portfolio Manager from The Norwegian Society of Financial Analysts and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Norwegian Business School, BI.

Phone: +47 95 46 04 46 | E-mail: glenn.haglund@cbre.com

Fredrik Jansen

Director | Asset Services

Fredrik started in CBRE Norway in August 2016, and works with property management and is the Head of the Asset Services. Fredrik has 10 years of experience with property management with office-buildings, warehouses, health-buildings and retail. He also has experience with refinancing, rental and due-dilligence processes. Fredrik holds a Bsc in Business and Administration from the Norwegian Business School (BI), and a MA in Financial Services from Bournemouth University.

Phone: +47 92 04 61 49 | E-mail: fredrik.jansen@cbre.com

C Niclas Adolfsson Acc Sort hvit.jpg

Niclas N. Adolfsson

Head of Property Accounting | Asset Services

Niclas started at CBRE in June 2017 as head of property accounting in Asset Services. He began as an auditor at BDO in 2007 before moving on to Financial Controller at Voice Norge in 2015. Niclas has a broad experience with both international and Norwegian companies in a wide array of industries from his time in BDO. He has a masters degree in accounting and auditing from Handelshøyskolen BI. Before that he was educated during his time with the Norwegian Army and worked in the field artillery for two years at Setermoen.

Phone: +47 41 20 84 31 | E-mail: niclas.adolfsson@cbre.com

Per-Erik Amundsen

Property Manager | Asset Services

Per-Erik has more than 10 years’ experience working with various fields of commercial real estate - as a controller, a broker and property manager. Prior to joining CBRE in January 2016, he worked as a property manager at Aberdeen Asset Management, where he managed a portfolio of some shopping and logistics, but mainly office. In CBRE, he will mainly work with management of property for our international customers, but also make a contribution of other disciplines as needed.

Per-Erik earned his degree in the hotel sector and has worked nearly 10 years in the hotel industry for Olav Thon - the last 4 years as the general manager of a hotel in Oslo.

Phone: +47 47 29 49 52 | E-mail: per-erik.amundsen@cbre.com

Sigrun Steigen

Asset Administrator | Asset Services

Sigrun is a certified public accountant and has a degree in accounting and economics from Sør-Trøndelag University College. She has worked as an accountant within property management for many years, and has experience from several real estate companies. Sigrun is part of the team that came from Aberdeen Asset Management in September 2016 and works, and she works now as an Asset Administrator for one of the funds.

Phone: +47 91 17 45 75 | E-mail: sigrun.steigen@cbre.com

Inger Marie Næss

Asset Administrator | Asset Services

Inger Marie has eight years of experience as accountant within property management, and earlier as SPV accountant at Aberdeen Asset Management. She has worked as chief accountant at Corridor and also with researching and leasing of accounting personnel. Inger Marie has worked as chief accountant at Leo Burnett and Scandinavian Design Group. Before that she worked at Posten for 20 years, and the last seven years of them as chief accountant at Posten’s stamp service. She has most of her education from Posten.

Phone: +47 92 45 13 49 | E-mail: mie.naess@cbre.com

Nina Midttun

Asset Administrator | Asset Services

Nina started in CBRE Norway in September 2016, and works with property management as an Asset Administrator. Nina has several years of experience with property management within office-buildings, warehouses and retail. She also has experience with rental and due-dilligence processes. Nina earned her degree in Business and Administration from various Norwegian Business Schools.

Phone: +47 91 64 00 74 | E-mail: nina.midttun@cbre.com

Vizma Wahl

Asset Administrator | Asset Services

Vizma has broad work experience within property from several real estate companies in Oslo, both as Asset administrator and accounting Adviser. She has education within business administration from Latvia, in addition with multiple BI courses. Vizma works as a Asset administrator for more of the Fund in Aberdeen system and Fixed assets in CBRE management.

Phone: +47 46 68 04 80 | E-mail: vizma.wahl@cbre.com

Andreas Rosell

Asset Administrator | Asset Services

Andreas has more than 10 years experience from various financial related positions within Telecom/Communication, from both Sweden and Norway. Andreas is educated from Påhlmans Handelsinstitutt in Stockholm and Tele2, NetCom and Norwegian are previous employers. Prior to joining CBRE in September 2016, Andreas worked as an Asset Administrator for Aberdeen Asset Management.

Phone: +47 96 79 60 08 | E-mail: andreas.rosell@cbre.com

Grethe Engan

Senior SPV Accountant | Asset Services

Grethe started in CBRE in September 2016. She works as a senior SPV accountant within property management. Grethe has 18 years of experience in accounting. She comes from a position as a senior SPV accountant in Aberdeen Asset Management, and has previously worked in Schibsted and BDO. Grethe is a Certified Public Accountant from the University of Agder.

Phone: +47 90 01 84 56 | E-mail: grethe.engan@cbre.com

Ole-Martin Loeshagen

Senior SPV Accountant | Asset Services

Ole-Martin started in CBRE Norway in September 2016, and works with property management. He has 16 years of experience with finance management. He has worked almost 10 years as controller/Senior SPV Accountant at Aberdeen Asset Management AS related to property Funds. Ole-Martin has worked mostly with projects/alterations and liquidity management. He has also worked as finance officer at Ringerike hospital.  He is graduated at Buskerud University College.

Phone: +47 92 25 06 88 | E-mail: ole-martin.loeshagen@cbre.com

Kirsti Ingebretsen

Senior SPV Accountant | Asset Services

Kirsti Leira Ingebrigtsen has extensive experience in finance / accounting. The last 10 years as SPV accountant within the property. Now working in Asset Services team at CBRE. Kirsti has ia worked as a property manager, head accounting, accounting manager and SPV accountant at companies like Saga Petroleum AS, Opak AS, National Institute for Consumer Research, Norwegian Association of Lawyers and Aberdeen Asset Management Operations AS. Kirsti has economic and finance from BI. Started working at CBRE in September 2016.

Phone: +47 47 60 93 64 | E-mail: kirsti.ingebrigtsen@cbre.com

Mads Strandenæs

Financial Controller | Asset Services

Mads joined CBRE in May 2017 and is working with property management. He has 3 years experience from Audit & Assurance at Deloitte, where he primarily worked with companies in commercial real estate and asset management, as well as mutual funds and private equity funds. Mads holds an MBA from California Lutheran University and a BS in Finance from Arizona State University.

Phone: +47 92 05 59 26 | E-mail: mads.strandenaes@cbre.com

Monica Roos

Property Administration Support | Asset Services

Monica has worked for 11 years in Aberdeen as archive manager and in recent years she have also been responsible for establishing deposit accounts for the renters. She has also had the role of cash manager towards all banks.

Education: Graduate librarian from Oslo University College, Library and Information studies.

Phone: +47 48 26 16 00 | E-mail:monica.roos@cbre.com

Lene Eriksen

Shopping Center Manager

Lene started in CBRE in September 2016, coming from Aberdeen Asset Management Started as Shopping Center Manager in 2010, responsible for the malls Mosenteret in Nittedal and Mortensrud Torg Senter in Oslo.Previously worked as Retail Manager in the Grocery Industry and Regional Manager in the Bakery Industry.

Education in commerce and advertising.

Phone: +47 93 25 79 83 | E-mail:senterleder@mosesenteret.no



Solfrid Hader

Senior Director

Solfrid is a certified public accountant, and has studied economics and HR at the Norwegian Business School (BI) and NHHK. She has wide experience as a Finance and Administration Manager and she has worked in the finance and research sector.

Phone: +47 92 66 10 92 | E-mail: solfrid.hader@cbre.com

Lise-Lotte Stavegren

Service Manager | Administration

Lise-Lotte joined CBRE November 1st, 2016. She has in the recent years worked in Norwegian shipping business for 6 years as Executive Assistant as well as in the administration. She has a former background from Norwegian Broadcasting as Project Manager, assistant and program acquisition. She has a degree in marketing with supplementary international marketing course at IHM, Norway.
Lise-Lotte is the company's first point of contact, she also supports the administration.

Phone: +47 90 03 60 70 | E-mail: lise-lotte.stavegren@cbre.com