You set out the premises by which we operate, so all of your needs are identified and incorporated in the requirements specification. Before a commercial property is put up for sale, all the practical, financial and legal circumstances have to be ascertained. Working jointly with your business, we will draw up a progress plan, to ensure that you achieve the best market price.


We give you competent advice on timing, structure, selection, marketing, profitability, technical solutions etc. We will always put together a competent team based upon the client’s needs.


In property valuation, we perform an assessment of the property value. We offer valuation of cash flow, required rate of return, condition analysis, market rent, contract length, owner’s cost etc.

Buying and selling cross border

Due to our extensive global network, we can easily perform small and large real estate transactions all over the globe. In Norway you will deal directly with us. For cross border transactions we utilize our global network CBRE. There are no other competing global service providers in transactional volumes or international network.